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  • Ribbon cutting at the commencement ceremony of Myanmar National Stadium maintenance and reconstruction project aided by suike management company

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    On August 11, 2019, the commencement ceremony of Myanmar National Stadium maintenance and reconstruction project aided by the Chinese government and participated by Guangzhou suike Construction Management Co., Ltd. was held in Yangon. Chen Hai, Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, min Ti, Minister of health and sports of Myanmar, Piao mindeng, chief minister of Yangon Province, Ding maotun, speaker of Yangon Province, Xie Guoxiang, economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy in Myanmar attended the event and cut ribbon for the commencement ceremony.

    Myanmar National Stadium, funded by the Chinese government in the 1980s, is a symbolic project of China Myanmar friendship. Over the years, the national stadium has undertaken a large number of important events, enriched the sports and cultural life of the people of Myanmar, and played an important role in promoting the development of sports in Myanmar.

    In order to further play and make use of the role and functions of the National Stadium, the Chinese government decided to help Myanmar to carry out comprehensive maintenance and renovation of the stadium. In addition to retaining the original main structure of the stadium, it will upgrade the indoor and outdoor decoration, roof engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, audio equipment, lighting equipment, and event functions of the stadium, with a total construction area of 26000 square meters and audience seats of 10800 square meters Construction enterprises are Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

    The renovated gymnasium will meet the requirements of the latest international events, better serve the sports and cultural life of the Burmese people, and further promote friendly cooperation between the two countries.

    Ribbon cutting for project commencement ceremony

    Group photo of leaders at the commencement ceremony

    Effect drawing of Myanmar National Stadium

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